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Bali Activities is an online service that helps you to book your holiday activities while you are in Bali. We offer all kinds of unique activities for your holiday in Bali, such as: Seawalker, Aquawalk, Aquanauts, Rafting, Spa Experiences, even Cycling, and many other activities that are constantly being added to our ever-expanding repertoire.

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Things To Do In Bali

Enjoy the natural beauty of Bali with White Water Rafting Recomended Activity : Bali International Rafting , push your adrenalin & enjoy the beautiful view with Biking Around Bali Village Recomended Activity : Ubud Village Cycling , you will pass the best route with stunning views of the Mountain & Jungle Trekking Recomended Activity : Munduk Waterfall Trekking , take pleasure in underwater beauty with Underwater Walk Recomended Activity : Seawalker Tour Sanur Bali .

Seawalker experience

Awesome experience. Loved feeding fishes. A must do for all Bali vacationers. Look forward to doing it next time we are in Bali. Would have liked to spend more time in the sea though :)

4 Rating

Review by Aakash from India


Cyoxtuto dokidoki shita kedo sutaxtufu no taioumoyoku annsshinn shite tanoshi memashita.

5 Rating

Review by ýajima hiroto from Japan


Seawalker Tour Sanur Bali with Turtle Release

$ 53.99
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(Indonesia) Do you know that Coral Reef have a lot benefit to help prevent sediment from washing up and damaging the shoreline because they act as a physical barrier which help create a healthier, protected coastline habitat.

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$ 44.00


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